10 High Street Home Finds for Autumn

This month’s post is all about some amazing high street finds that will add a touch of boho hygge to your home and maybe even provide some early ideas for Christmas presents. All these items are from well known stores and don’t cost a fortune, which is good, as let’s face it the chances of “someone knocking on the door” with postcode lottery winnings are slim!!

Sometimes all it takes is a couple of new items and a quick re arrange to give a room a whole new feel. Click on the links below to take you directly to the website.

1) Macrame wall hanging – Sainsbury’s £14

2) Round hanging mirror – Asda £10

3) Table light – Asda £20

4) Faux fiddle fig plant – Marks & Spencer £39.50

5) Rug – La Redoute £199

6) Wooden star bowl – M&S £9.50

7) Plant pot – Sainsbury’s £14

8) Candle holder – H&M Home £12.99

9) Cushion cover – H&M Home £3.99

10) Side table – Sainsbury’s £40

These homewares all have elements of hygge – candles and lighting, natural textures and warm materials. All items cost £40 or under except the rug which is a bit of a luxury. Let us know if we have tempted you to make some purchases.


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