Spring Wardrobe Inspiration

So spring has arrived and our thoughts turn to what to wear. If you’re like us, you have probably started to dig out last years efforts and are wondering how exactly you managed on such a few items. And instead of lots of outfits that you had forgotten about, there are actually just a few things that don’t actually go together let alone fit.

Of course this all happens as the new season catalogues are dropping through the door and the shops are full of their spring/summer ranges and as much as we would all like to rush out and buy a whole new wardrobe, unfortunately our budgets don’t actually stretch to that (particularly as our teenage girls are complaining that they don’t have anything to wear and need an immediate cash injection!).

So we thought that we would share a few ideas that may update your wardrobe which combine items that we all have, jeans, black trousers, white tee-shirt (ok so we may have to check that we do actually have those) with a few new pieces. We have tried to include things which take account of current trends but also have a bit of longevity so we can bring them out again next year.



A classic shirt dress can be dressed up or down and if you go for a dark colour, you can always wear it in the Autumn with tights; This one is from White Company last season or try Cos for a simple cotton option. Stripes are a must, try H&M for basics-……….. . A denim jacket seems to come back every year and its ideal for dressing down a smarter dress for a daytime look.Try customising with enamel or iron badges for an individual look. Silver sandals add a bit of sparkle-try these platform ones from Hush.


Mustard seems to be with us to stay, a pop of colour always livens up a pair of jeans or combine with black trousers. If you’re feeling bold wear with floral printed trousers.


If you’re planning to buy a spring jacket, think about a military style. They are everywhere this season, in a range of fabrics. Ideal as you can wear it with jeans, unlike a denim jacket where you risk denim on denim (fashion suicide apparently!).


Finally if you are planning to buy one thing, go for a pair of white trainers. If you haven’t noticed they are every where. We are managing on last years-Lucy’s are the Olivias from Jigsaw and Rachel has a pair from Next (see image). Topshop have good priced plain lace ups, while there are more expensive options if you feel like splurging. The star trainers in Hush are on both or our wish lists but Next do a fab version  fraction of the price.  Combine with any outfit for a casual, youthful look!


Let us know what you think and what you have added to your spring wardrobe.

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