Five Ideas to Get Through January

Ok so the festivities are done for another year, the christmas tree has gone, the kids are back at school and everyone is broke. Life seems full of people dieting, not drinking, making resolutions and breaking them! January is probably not the best month of the year, so here are some simple and cheap ideas to keep you going until the spring.


Tulips & Spring Bulbs 

You can’t beat a bunch of your favourite flowers for a splash of colour. Tulips are one of our favourites and don’t cost a fortune. Choose a single colour or mix different colours and use a vase, jug or tall drinking glass. You can stand them alone or within a display with other items. Hyacinths have an amazing scent (perfect alternative to an air freshener) They also add a spring touch to your winter candle tray (are we the only one’s who have one of these?) Inspired by the Danish idea of Hygge – but more of this to follow in our February blog post!

Candles Are Not Just For Christmas

Candles are an easy way to give your home a fresh scent and a cosy feel-perfect for ousting unwanted odours or making an occasion of yet another long January evening in front of the telly!  They are also a perfect addition to your hallway, particularly if your teenagers’ coats and shoes occupy the same space. A new, yet inexpensive addition could always be an Aldi candle for £3.99 (almost exactly the same as a much more expensive brand!), or just a few extra tea lights from Ikea will have the desired effect.


Coffee with Friends

Coffee with friends is a perfect alternative to an expensive lunch – for some reason we still have people to catch up with after the Christmas festivities despite having quite a small social circle! Even better when served in an Anthropologie mug or in a favourite coffee shop such as Josie’s in Bishops Waltham or The Pig in the Wall in Southampton. Tell us about your favourite spots.

Consolidate your Wardrobe

‘Consolidate’ is our word of the new year: ‘to combine (a number of things) into a more effective or coherent whole’ For us this means doing a clothes audit, in others words doing a charity shop run, clothes swap or selling any items we haven’t worn in the last year and making our daughters do the same. Depop is an on-line marketplace, which uses an App for teenagers to buy and sell their ‘old’ clothes and trainers and update their wardrobe on a budget. Only consider buying things that are essential to enable you to  maximise your options and wear those clothes that are always left hanging in the wardrobe because you just don’t have the top / scarf/ cardigan etc.

Move The Furniture

One way to instantly change a room is to move the furniture around. It costs only time and energy and can make a room feel like a completely new space. You could also consider swopping furniture from different rooms or exchanging an item with a friend. When you are happy with the new arrangement take a look at all your accessories – cushions, lamps, throws, rugs and decorative items – could you put them in a different place? Clear off the shelf or the mantle piece and see how things look. Just because you bought something to suit one space doesn’t mean it won’t look good in another.

8 thoughts on “Five Ideas to Get Through January

  1. Oooh what a lovely website. Nice and refreshing to see this being done by two real people with realistic time and financial budgets! Looking lovely ladies.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. A great idea ladies. I like seeing people’s ideas on dressing your home and suggestions on travel. Is Cornwall too local? New York in October for a big birthday??? I’m not good at sofa dressings and hallways. What accent colour would you put with Dove Grey in a bedroom? A good read over my cuppa.


    1. Thanks Mel. I love Cornwall but personally would go to New York! Ive been in August and October and much preferred October – Central Park in the fall and lots of Halloween decorations. Grey goes with most colours but is particularly good with black and white for a Scandinavian look or blush pink or navy blue for a more on trend look. Pinterest is a great way to build a mood board and focus your ideas. Look out for our next blog on Farrow &Ball blue x


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    1. Hi thank you so much – we’re loving your blog too! Lucy’s kitchen is from Handmade Kitchen’s Direct in Christchurch and is painted in Farrow & Ball Manor House Grey x


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